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Open up to the world with TurkishExporter.Net! started its journey for “more export”, “more production and employment” principle and have been a solution partner of small and medium sized enterprises for their growth in foreign markets and finding new markets. It shares its foreign political, cultural and economic experiences with Turkish exporters. It has contributed to export operations of thousands of leading companies. It has brought manufacturers and those intending to export with leading worldwide companies. With its customer oriented services continues to be fellow of Turkish business people.

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BioNaturel LTD. STI. was established for the purpose of presenting much more qualified and reliable products to your tables from agricultural fields and natural farming fields. Company realizes all processes including packaging of all products in hygienic enterprises, only after gathered these natural products from 700 farming fields in various regions of Turkey with the help of more than 200 employees. BioNaturel realizes its export operations from the closest ports to farming fields for the purpose of giving the fastest service to its valuable customers. Processed pulses in contract production facilities which are located in Mersin, are exported from the port of Mersin, processed frozen fruits and vegetables in contract production facilities, located in Izmir and Afyon, are exported from the port of Izmir by realizing directly land transportation from Afyon. BioNaturel LTD. STI. entered directly to consumers’ kicthen under the brand names of ‘BioNaturel’ and ‘Dr. Organik’ in the result of domestic and foreign market demands in the recent years. Company gives services with various product range, expanded day by day, in its exclusive sales points and offers tomatoes and other vegetables which are grown in its own greenhouses, to market of organic products. Deciding to expand its inspection chain for the purpose of presenting the most qualified and reliable products from farming fields to consumers’ tables, BioNaturel Ltd. Sti. can inspect the seeds of products, soils of plants, water and farmers with accredited inspection institutions. Also BioNaturel Ltd. Sti. proves its product and service quality with ISO:9001 and ISO:22000 certificates. The aims of BioNaturel LTd. Sti. are to expand its existing capabilities, make long term businesses honestly, compatibly and without compromising from mutual reliability, increase constantly its product range and develop quality products in the direction of meeting customer wishes. BioNaturel Ltd. Sti. sails to future in the direcdtion of these targets.



“Tuna Mah., 1690 No: 1 K: 6 603-604, Karşıyaka, İzmir, Turkey”

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“+90 232 381 69 66-67”

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